Fort Collins Screen Printing 

Screen printing is arguably the most popular way to customize shirts or other types of apparel. There are actually a number of methods that screen printing companies use, including:

  • Spot-color printing
  • Grayscale printing
  • 4-color CMYK printing
  • Distressed screen printing
  • Digital printing

With most kinds of screen printing, the number of colors determines the cost of your project. This is because, with most screen printing processes, a separate screen must be used for each color, as the screen is applied to your garment. Most experienced screen printers can apply up to 10 colors on a single piece of clothing, though other emulsion and laser-based processes offer more variety.

The good news is that Encore Uniform uses a digital printing process. This means that you’re not limited by the 10-color limit of traditional screen printing. With digital printing, the ink directly adheres to the clothing without the use of a screen. Our process allows for more vibrant colors with unparalleled definition and clarity in the finished print.

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